Why “Turkey” and “EnglishInTurkey.com” ?

Hello, (Hoşgeldiniz)

The advantage of becoming an online English teacher is that there are no constrains to the country where learners live. Any learner of English on Earth might be an online teacher’s student. So, why did I choose Turkey to be the country where I work as an online English teacher?

Actually, there are many reasons for that. To start with, I’m living in Turkey and I’m really into Turkish culture and traditions. I love the country, and I feel home, for real.
To add, Turks are really friendly and awesome people. I’ve been living in Turkey since November, 2014 and had the best time ever! Whenever I get lost, I find people who are not only polite enough to guide me, but also they walk with me to the place I’m looking for!

Another thing that made me choose this is that I’ve worked with so many English learners in Turkey, and I know their ‘pains’ that are related to English learning. Which grammar rules they find confusing, which letters they have trouble when pronouncing, and also the words that are similar in English and Turkish.

More about this, since I come from Syria (There are a lot in common between Turkish and Syrian traditions and culture), and have been living in Turkey since November, 2014 I understand Turkish culture and know what Turks find acceptable, polite, or offensive.

These are the reasons why I chose Turkey and Turkish learners to work with. And it’s a pleasure for me to live in such a great country, and with such great people.

Here are some photos I took of Izmir and Bursa:

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