Links for the tips in “Ultimate Tips for English” eBook

This post is for the links about the tips that I mentioned in my eBook Ultimate Tips for English (if you don’t have the eBook click here to get it for free!)
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#2 Movies and Series

To download movies:

To download series:

To download subtitles:

To get information about movies: and are torrent websites, so you need a torrent client in order to download files from them. I use Leap, which is a very good and simple one. You can download it from:


#3 Songs

To download/listen to music you could go to

For lyrics:

For practicing listening to songs go to which is an AMAZING website.


#4 Listen to your self

There are lots of apps to record your voice. I use this one. Click here to get it from Google Play.


#8 A word a day

For this, there are countless Facebook pages, books, and websites. Here are some you could try:


#9 English-English Dictionaries

For this, you can either download an app for your cellphone, go to the website of the dictionary, or buy a hard copy of the dictionary.

My favorites are Longman:

And Cambridge:
And they both have a cellphone app which can be downloaded from Google Play. When I check the meaning of a word, I usually check it in more than one dictionary to get a better understanding and more examples for using that word.


#10 Apps
Here are some apps and I will be adding more in the future, so make sure to check this page once in a while

My Own Dictionary (I mentioned it in my eBook)

English Pronunciation. It is good for practicing pronunciation. It features British pronunciation.

Voice of America to learn English from news (thanks to Salih)

Various apps for English exercises:


#11 News

International newspapers

National Turkish newspapers


#12 Books

Here are websites where you can download books:


#13 Audio Books

This website is very good; it had lots of free and paid audio books:

More websites:

This website has more than 7000 audio books for FREE:

This one is a torrent websites for audio books:

And this is a page that has a list of 20 websites for downloading audio books:


#14 Podcasts

Here are 2 podcasts directories where you can browse various podcasts by topic:


Another way, which I prefer is to go to Google Play from here

and download podcast apps (I prefer Pocket Casts) from the app you can browse, download, and listen to the podcasts.


#15 Infographics:

Here are some of the website that I browse for infographics:


#18 Memes

I use the one and only it also has an app for your cellphone.


20# Lessons

If you want to take online English lessons, check out this awesome teacher by clicking here.


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Ahmad Zaytoun, an Online English teacher in Turkey.

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