July 12, 2015



IELTS is test that requires high level in English and A LOT of practice. That’s why you have 2 options: if you consider taking IELTS classes with me. The first, if you feel that you need to work on your language skills, we can together focus on both, language (50%) and the exam skills (50%). The second, if you know a lot about English, and your skills are well-developed, we could focus on language (15%) and exam skills (85%)

Reading: According to most test takers; it’s the hardest skill because the time is not enough. I will help you with the question types and give you techniques and strategies to answer the questions during the lesson. I will also provide you with a big load of materials to practice reading on your own.

Listening: As with reading, it requires a lot of practice. And I will help you with the question types, along with the techniques and strategies to answer them. I will also give a lot of materials and resources to practice listening on your own and ensure a high band at IELTS listening.

Speaking: Some test takers say it’s tough. However, with practice and the right language I will provide you with; its feasible to get a high band at speaking. I will give you the language that you need, along with practicing various topics which are common in IELTS speaking test.

Writing: It is a skill that needs a lot of planning which has to be done quickly. I can help you with the vocabulary needed to tackle the 2 writing tasks, along with giving you exercises and support to make your writing better.

We can also work on 1 or 2 skills of them. For example, if you feel you just need to practice speaking, we can do that and practice only speaking.

If you want to know more about how the lessons are going to be, or have any question; feel free to email me or Click here to take a FREE trial lesson, to know more about the lessons, and get answers to all of your questions.