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I’m posting to tell you that YouTube channel has just been launched!

What makes the channel special?
The idea behind the channel is that to learn natural English from movies and series. I watch movies and series all the time, so I thought why not take some expressions from those movies and series and explain them in a simple and short way!

What are you going to learn?
Well, the videos are about idioms and expressions, phrasal verbs, slang, and any other interesting words or phrases used in daily English conversations.

About the videos:
The videos are about 1 to 2 minutes. They are short so that you can watch anytime or anywhere. Maybe in bed when you wake up or before you sleep, or while you’re taking the elevator, or maybe on your way to work or school (don’t watch the videos while you’re driving!).

In each video I’ll explain 3 to 7 items, although not too much of videos that contain 6 or 7 items. First you’ll see the title of the movies or the series that the items are taken from, then the first item, followed by its explanation, after that the second item, also followed by its explanation, and so on.

Some of the expressions might have more than one use. So, I’ll explain the use in that scene, and maybe another use.

What’s also cool about the videos is that along the way the expressions will be recycled. That is, you might see an item that you saw in a previous video. That’s to make you remember what you’ve learned and see the items in different contexts.


That’s all about the channel. I hope you like it and find it useful.  Click here to go to the channel and watch the videos. Don’t forget to subscribe, tell your friends,  and comment to tell me what you think about the channel!

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