July 12, 2015

Conversational English

So, you want to practice English more, because you’re fed up with studying grammar, and not using this grammar to speak and actually use the language. Together we will practice speaking about VARIOUS topics and using different grammar points, without teaching grammar.

I will help you with pronunciation, vocabulary, idioms, and expressions whenever needed. I will also correct your mistakes, and give you feedback about them.

And when you and I feel that you need some help with a grammar rule to make your speech clearer, we can talk about it and I will explain it to you, and we will practice it during our conversation and discussion.

I will send you materials (this could be a video, an article, and some vocabulary to use during the lesson) before the lesson to prepare for it, and I will also send you materials after the lesson, so you can practice English more and develop your English language about this topic.

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