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Hello there, I have just made this FREE eBook Ultimate Tips for English for you so you can use the tips in it to develop your English the way I did. In the book you will find 20 tips that will help you learn English and make it a part of your daily routine, so you Read more about Get my “Ultimate Tips for English” eBook (FREE)[…]

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Hello This post is for the links about the tips that I mentioned in my eBook Ultimate Tips for English (if you don’t have the eBook click here to get it for free!) Please comment and send me your links, and don’t forget to share the post with your friends! #2 Movies and Series To Read more about Links for the tips in “Ultimate Tips for English” eBook[…]

Why “Turkey” and “” ?

Hello, (Hoşgeldiniz) The advantage of becoming an online English teacher is that there are no constrains to the country where learners live. Any learner of English on Earth might be an online teacher’s student. So, why did I choose Turkey to be the country where I work as an online English teacher? Actually, there are Read more about Why “Turkey” and “” ?[…]

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to This website is dedicated to Turkish people who are learning English. There will be some lessons, new vocabulary, some expressions, some grammar, along with other stuff about English. Keep coming here and check the new stuff regularly. Also you could visit the YouTube channel by clicking here, and the Facebook page by Read more about Hello and Welcome[…]