June 17, 2015

About Me


A little about me:
My name is Ahmad Zaytoun. I’m an English teacher, which is my job and what I love to do at the same time.
I like watching movies, series, playing guitar, cycling and swimming. Oh! and I LOVE to laugh.

Me & English: (as a hobby)
When I was a student, I wasn’t a fan of English at first. I used to hate it and sometimes feel frustrated because I found grammar so hard (12 years old). However, this case didn’t last long, as I started to like the language and practice it due to computer games (14-16 years old). Later on I started watching movies and sitcoms like Friends, Scrubs, The Simpsons and many more (17-’till now). I used to watch 4 or 5 movies daily; with Arabic subtitles. And then, I decided to use English subtitles, which was really hard, but I didn’t give up and kept trying using many techniques to help me. A year after that, I started watching movies without subtitles, which was also hard, but again it didn’t stop me from trying. And now, I watch movies or series as if I’m watching them in my first language.

Me & English: (as a profession)
Due to the unconditional love that I have for English, and the deep knowledge of it; in 2008 I decided to study English Language and Literature at university. I graduated in 2012. And after that I decided to continue for a 2 year masters in ELT (English Language Teaching). I finished the first year with a GPA of 88%, but unfortunately, due to the situation in Syria, I had to leave the country and settle down in Turkey. And that’s when I did a Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) which was an amazing experience that equipped me with the skills to be a professional teacher. After CELTA I did someĀ  teacher development courses provided by Cambridge University for English teacher online, in teaching areas like Teaching IELTS, Teaching FCE, and Teacher Development. I’m teaching in Turkey currently amd I’ve worked with exactly 190 (and counting) Turkish English learners, and it was a pleasure to know them all. And hopefully, this number will grow even bigger.

Me & Turkey:
I came to Turkey in November, 2014. I’ve visited Hatay, Bursa, and currently living in Izmir.
I just love EVERYTHING about Turkey. The people who are really nice and friendly, the culture which is amazing, and of course the food. I just love Turkish food, it is all delicious. My favorite so far is Kumpir (I can’t get enough out of it) and Beyaz Lokum which is like a bite out of heaven.